Steve has only cared for me and my family’s well-being.  Steve was persistent, almost forcing me to purchase the Disability coverage that he presented to me.

I can’t begin to tell you how important those purchases were for myself and my family.

As is often said; “Stuff Happens”.  Well, my life changed dramatically.  I suffered a career-ending disability.  Without that coverage, my life and my family’s life would certainly have been different

TC, DC – New York

Steve was relentless that I purchase life insurance when my son was born.  Over the years I have purchased more life insurance.

The funds that grew in my policies allowed me to help fund our dream vacation home in Montana.

I have appreciated the relationship I have had with Steve over the years and can recommend him without hesitation.

Charles C. Conte, MD. – NY

It’s what we all say!   I resisted, said I did not need it, I did not have the money, it wasn’t the right product.  I came up with every excuse that we all do.  But Steve was unrelenting, and I did purchase what he recommended.

Without that coverage, our lives would certainly have been different…

If there is one thing that I would do now, knowing what I know, I would have purchased as much coverage as I could have.


Dr. Brian did a great job of showing me alternative ways to protect my family and money.  He even helped build a tax-free savings plan for my granddaughters’ future college education.  His professional guidance allowed me to make the choice of what would work best for my family.  I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Brian, he cares!

K.G., FL

The products that I purchased from Dr. Brian demonstrated to me how one sum of money can be used for multiple things all at the same time. I am multi-tasking my money. This gave my children and myself peace of mind. Having already suffered the loss of my wife, this was important to me that my children will always be taken care of in the future.